Police events

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Police events

Post by THEMAX » Fri Feb 08, 2019 13:49

Currently , Theo town got an disaster for each services... wait... no TT don’t .

Introducing Police events :
  • the first one, robbery, would be similar to sickness or fire , send a police force there to fix this problem and return eat a donut
  • the second one , police chase, a rogue car randomly appear ( it would work as a riot ) and you would have to coordinate your police forces to stop it , the car would of course move randomly
  • the last one , shooting , would happen in streets between different gangs , send your police forces to fix this problem
  • police could also be used to counter protests but doing so would make the risk of riot higher
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Re: Police events

Post by Imran M » Sun Feb 10, 2019 22:08

That's a very good idea! Bit the car chase would be hard to implement. However, it could just be a moving target and the police vehicle has to track it. It will also be hard to from a gameplay standpoint, since you have to co-ordinate forces, and some people can't get their heads around solving bus usage problems!
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