Animals, Enormous Map, National Parks

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Animals, Enormous Map, National Parks

Post by Theotowner » Mon Sep 17, 2018 22:47

So here are some ideas for theotowns next update. I always thought it would be cool to spawn wild animals into the unbuilt parts of a map like Buffalo, elk etc. You could have prey animals and then predators that could hunt them like a natural wilderness. Or add whales into water areas and whale watching boats as a commercial activity. The animals could reproduce and maybe even the predators could attack people every once in a while which brings me to...

Hiking trails/National parks

Areas where you could build trails into unbuilt portions of the map or declare areas national parks. They would have huge park influence but require at least a ten by ten tile area or they could be another zone you can declare. You could add things like giant redwood trees to the map and ranger stations that can fight fires and respond to emergencies. The parks would generate small income. Last but not least...

A larger map size

A larger map size called "Enormous" and could be two to four times bigger than the huge map.

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Re: Animals, Enormous Map, National Parks

Post by cesareborgia94 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:00

Animals are a good idea, but there is a problem, you can't implement prey and predator system, and it won't attack humans. Best you can do is make animals as a type of decoration or spawn them randomly and they move autonomously and eat trees (see: viewtopic.php?f=70&t=4284&p=52110&hilit ... als#p52110).

However to implement a prey and predator system, and to make them breed is just too much to code and difficult to implement, when theotown is just a city building sim and not an ecosystem management sim .

Trails are not a bad idea, pedestrians can spawn in it as implemented by a former member. It could be made as a plugin if someone has the time to do the textures and coding the json.

National parks can also be implemented as a plugin, albeit it may spawn as a commercial or industry, maybe as a forest industry. But it can be possible through plugins.

Regarding larger map size, the suggestion are just ridiculous. It would kill and crash the game if you have Enormous map, though some strong phones could handle it. Personally, mine cannot handle a larger map than Huge.
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Re: Animals, Enormous Map, National Parks

Post by THEMAX » Tue Sep 18, 2018 13:43

Animals don’t have to eat trees ^^
I mean it’s enough to have them walk around
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