Here we talk about TheoTown in general.

Personally, how would you like the Branderburg Gate to be implemented?

By a one-time purchase with unlimited building once bought with an IAP, even if its kinda expensive
By what it is now, 50 gems per build
Total votes: 24

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Re: Why?

Post by Matison55557 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 19:30

Yesterday I bought myself very many days of superfast speed for like several thousand diamonds. I bought it just so I would be able to use it without buying all the time. Rebooted the game and all is gone! Few thousand diamonds gone nowhere! I know I'm an IAP tester and I don't need to pay, but it still hurts me, because I also think about other players.
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Re: Why?

Post by cesareborgia94 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 19:41

Maybe someone could fund Lobby on Theotown? If he set up maybe like Patreon maybe a generous person could fund this financial woes. Also just my opinion on solving the financial matter. Otherwise to solve financial problems on this game is:...

1.Current system: Buy diamonds for real money and getting ads.
2.Hardline approach: High priced IAPs, intrusive ads, forcing players to buy diamonds... yes this would alienate certain users but will keep the game afloat for awhile
3.Community funding: Maybe donate to the developer if you have spare cash, sharing is caring, maybe through patreon or paypal?
4.Freemium: Like some suggested a premium feature for real money, it is special for people who truly want to spend blings ...Will also alienate some users as it discriminates between the payers and free gamers.
5.Ridiculous idea: Just make Theotown a payable game at appstore ...Please disagree with me this is a crazy suggestion.
6.Allowing plugin makers to donate plugins for monetization in game, plugins for real money or diamonds for developer (would need agreement of plugin maker).
7.Allowing customization and plugin making will probably reduce the cost. [The best alternative]
8.Reduce updates. Update once in a while.
9.Spread news of Theotown so that many players can join in and hopefully a few generous players can donate to the cause.

Yea I wrote rambling sentence but just my opinion, please don't get mad just because I wrote someting that offends you. Just disagree with what I post here and post your response in a civil way.
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Re: Why?

Post by Pear101 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 20:30

JustAnyone wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2018 18:17
You get half the price back.
Well as we are talking about diamonds, Lobby should change this
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Re: Why?

Post by mdk_813 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 21:22

I understand that money is important. And I think it is alright to make some buildings premium. But there is a limit to what is acceptable. Paying multiple times for the same thing is beyond that limit. I mean buying something once is alright, paying multiple times is not.

Personally, I would have prefered the original plan of having a free and a premium version. No diamonds no nothing, just plain buying a version that has more content.
But, if you go down the IAP route, as you did, then you shouldn't hand out diamonds for free, or at least not as extensively as you do it right now. No wonder nobodys buying any diamonds, because they can get them practically for free. The diamonds are worthless.
Your answer was to increase prices for new IAPs in very disproportional manner (like some of the new skyscrapers). Now you even want to get paid multiple times for the same thing. This seems unreasonable and you alienate your (potential) customers by doing that.

So, my suggestion would be to set reasonable and balanced prices, not doctoring around with customer-unfriendly measures like having to pay over and over for the same thing, and, improtantly, making the diamonds actually worth something. Get rid of the free-diamonds and make reasonable prices for IAPs.
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Re: Why?

Post by Kevin hung » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:10

what is going on......
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Re: Why?

Post by KINGTUT10101 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:21

I would definitely pay real money for IAPs, but only if they were reasonably priced and if they weren't just me paying for a single building. Like I said in the other post, I think paying for a medium to large package of content feels more justified than buying a ton of single building IAPs.

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