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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android. Try it out, it's free... :mine :space:bc
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Release 1.3.46

preview.png (340.77 KiB) Viewed 3779 times

Hi, it's time for a new public update. We worked hard to offer you these new features:

🌟Add letters🆎

🌟Add hotel🏬

🌟Add Big Fountain🌊

🌟Add transmission line⚡

🌟And more buildings🏙

🌟Add more ranks🌀

🌟Add follow car tool👁‍

🌟Add language settings🌐

🌟Various improvements🏙

🌟Reduce memory consumption🗜

🌟Improve performance📱🔥

🌟Fix burning buildings bug🔥

🌟Fix no water bug🌊

The update will be available through Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android within some hours.

You can download the APK directly from here.

⚠Please note that updating directly via APK might lead to data loss.

As always

Have fun :space

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Paris Subway

hoy, hello, didn't saw ya, i was waiting for ya, take a seat


This plugin add the famous Parisian Subway .

Created for the universal exposition of Paris 1900s , Paris subway is the 5th oldest in the world behind thoses of chicago, glasgow, budapest and london . today, there are 14 lines ( + 2bis lines ) , 302 stations and 219,9 km of tracks . however, the Grand Paris Express should add 4 news lines as well as an extensions of lines 11 and 14 with 200 additionnals km of tracks ( paris subway would become twice as big ) and 60 stations .

Now, this dream to create the métropolitain has come true and your theocitizens are awaiting for it .

it even features free tunnels .

Sans titre.png

download link :
(25.65 KiB) Downloaded 6 times

short Q&A :

  • why is the bridge has only 1 level high ?

Parisian subway don't have high bridges , which is why i did it with only 1 lvl high

  • are more trains planned ?

more could effectively be planned

  • are more decorations planned ?

i don't know yet


This plugin may not be reuploaded under any conditions except with my autorisation .

The texture can be used for personnals textures

You may not upload a building with the redwood tree without my permission

Mine - This is my plugin, don't reuse any contents of it without my explicit permission.

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[1.0 Release] Redwood Tree

hey, welcome to redwood national park


This plugin add a brand new tree variety to your theo town . Coast Redwood Tree and Giant redwood .

Sequoiadendron giganteum also known as giant sequoia, redwood tree or simply sequoia and Sequoia sempervirens also known as Coast redwood are some of the tallest coniferous trees in the world, commonly found in california, thoses trees are among the most amazing trees of earth with the tallest tree in the world being hyperion with it's 115 meters high , hyperion is a Sequoia sempervirens .

Unfortunaly, thoses trees are endangered , download this plugin to show your affection to thoses millenials giants and talk about thoses around you, it's the easiest way to protect wildlife .

check this if you are interested to protect thoses trees :


Sans titre.png

download link :
(92.4 KiB) Downloaded 70 times

short Q&A :

  • why aren't the trees higher and wider ?

current game limitations doesn't allow to make the tree tiles wider than 1x1 meaning there are limits to the size of the redwood tree, a taller tree would be unlogical if the basis wasn't wide .

  • are other redwood trees planned ?

not yet but if i receive positives feedbacks, i might work on new ones

  • are other trees planned ?

i am currently willing to work on some

  • why are there no autumn texture ?

Sequoia are coniferous and coniferous leaves don’t change at autumn .


This plugin may not be reupload under any conditions except with my autorisation .

The Redwood trees texture can be used for personnals textures

You may not upload a building with the redwood tree without my permission

This plugin does not include rails, tents or dirt tracks .

Mine - This is my plugin, don't reuse any contents of it without my explicit permission.

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