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Tutorial : How to Unlock Regions


All the information provided on this post is for educational purposes only. Nexus24680 is in no way responsible for any misuse of the information.


Here's a formula for you:

\(I = M * 2000\)


I = Number of Inhabitants

M = Map Count

That's the formula for unlocking a full region in just one map. For example, let's say we have a region with 25 maps.

We just have to multiply the map count times 2000 (\(25 Maps * 2000\)) and that gives us 50,000 inhabitants in just one map.

When we have reached this number, we'll just have to open the Region View and unlock all the maps.

Now, to calculate how much time we will need to unlock the full region, we just take the map count and that's our time in minutes.

For example, if you have 25 maps and don't use ads to speed up countdowns, it'll take 25 minutes to unlock every single map in the region.

To sum up, build so many RCI and increase demands on sandbox to have the needed inhabitants in just one map so you can unlock the entire region in one go.


This is not an easy way because, sadly, the only way to unlock the regions is the hard way above. But, if you don't like to go through the hassle of unlocking the exisiting regions, just copy/paste these region.json files to your regions folders to unlock them

For Theonia

Paste it inside the region.json file, located in /TheoTown/regions/default/region.json


For Flat Earth

Paste it inside the region.json file, located in /TheoTown/regions/flatearth/region.json


Note: If you want to download these text files instead of copying their contents, you can. But be reminded that you'll have to rename whatever name it downloaded with to region.json and paste them inside their respective folders.

Anyway, I hope you like this.

Comment your suggestions, feedback and threats down below.



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Airport Details Sets by rjroldan1


Here's my plugin again That can help your airport looks better by adding this Airport details of mine

This plugin includes
  • *a Vehicle depot (Underground version) that spawns different airport vehicles

    *Placeable vehicle

    *New placeable plane apron / towed plane

    *placeable tug (spawns tugs and 2 luggage cart)


I also prepared 2 zips

1. No category REQUIRED is you want to

2. Needs Category of my Modern Airport Packs(so i you want this make sure you have My modern airport category)


Plus if you Download this you will get my Own Runway markings !!😃


NOTE↑↑↑If you want this zips above make sure you have my Modern Airport Category😃↑↑↑↑

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