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Pickle Airways (NEW)

Pickle Airways© decided to join the FlyTeam Company.

FlyTeam made a new Livery for it's T340.

:?: Question 1:

Why don't you put complete plugin file here?

Because it won't let me.

:?: Question 2:

Why don't you put the Json File here?

I can't it won't let me. it makes an error if i put it and i am sorry for it. You can contact a person/member that knows how to turn the json into a file.

CODE: Select all

"text":"Brand New Pickle Airways with a Livery from FlyTeam.",
"frames":[{"bmp":"PA2FTfixedPNG.png","w":96,"count":4,"handle x":48,"handle y":40}],
"fly height":200,
PA2FTfixedPNG.png (3.08 KiB) Viewed 154 times

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alphajos new project

Hello friends, introduce my real name is Jose...

:) :) :)

Im from Indonesia.

And today i present to you, my first plugin... very first

but first i wanna say thanks to Pounkiller for the harbor crane plugin that i could

use it for one of my creation.

so here it is... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

:bc :bc :bc :bc :bc :bc :bc :bc :bc :bc

if you had any problem with the plugin, tell me ASAP and i'll fix it ;) :)

note:this plugin contain several building with 8x8 size.
(113.24 KiB) Downloaded 192 times
the trashdestroyer.png
The trash destroyer
radar building.png
Radar building
tank factory.png
Tank factory
aircraft carrier.png
The aircraft carrier
The Typhoon or Проект 941 Акула

Views: 312  •  Comments: 6  •  Write comments

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