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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android, iOS and PC. Give it a try... :space

We have an official discord server. Let's chat together!

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TheoTown66 released!

We are with big honour to announce the beta/early access release of TheoTown 66 update for Android and Windows platforms coming out today!🎉🎊✨

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1084 ... wn/?beta=0

Discord: https://discord.gg/VPKXKUD

Android: You will receive an update soon (beta first) :)

In case you wonder how TheoTown on PC stores data:

Navigate to your home directory, you'll find there a folder called TheoTown that contains a similar file structure to the TheoTown folder on Android. For example for me that's located in: C:\Users\JustAnyone\TheoTown :)


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Gun smith

Did you want make your own weapon? well we have that place!
2506974324342119424.png (935 Bytes) Viewed 1686 times
Gun smith.zip
(1.32 KiB) Downloaded 229 times

But i have some mistake. THE SMOKE are incorect with their f**king hoppers. I almost dying with make a smoke. Forgive me if I use a rough word :oops:

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New Supply System 2.1 (Revision)

With the help of [mention]Lobby[/mention], we were able to finish the project as soon as possible.

Here is a new system on how you will approach the energy and water supply, just a few revision and adjustments on the value and the order of obtaining. This is just the origin part, there will be more improvements!

I would like to thank the following for allowing me to study and create from their plugin:

Theo and Lobby - For the default in-game energy and water supplies, and default buildings

[mention]KoalaGuy[/mention] - The Total Management

[mention]Bearbear65[/mention] - The Science Laboratory 1st Generation and the Geothermal Power Plant

[mention]KINGTUT10101[/mention] - For the graphics of the Optional Power plant

[mention]mdk_813[/mention] - The reworking on the design of the Hydroelectric Power Plant and the red light

On the next update, the coal industry. The mining site would be added. <-- Would take a while, re-ordered my priorities of plugin making.


1.1 - Reworked design of hydroelectric power plant

1.2 - Amended the productivity of Energy sources to make it harder

1.3 - Fixed the geothermal power plant and added the gray railing hydroelectric power plant

1.4 - Added another Power Plant and new version of science laboratory

2.0 - Jumped into 2 because it is not a challenge update, but an ordinary update with additional building, removed building, removed requirements, and revised power supply and costing. New building is Waste-to-Energy Plant , an old graphic by Lobby and Theo. Welcome to the new phase.

2.1 - Reduced cost values, added another form of value, added an upgrade.

Waste-to-Energy Plant.png

Advisory: Please delete the old version from your plugin.Also, Do not use the sandbox mode and start a new map (probably use hard) so that you might feel the effect.
New Supply System.zip
(43.23 KiB) Downloaded 999 times

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