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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android. Try it out, it's free... :mine :space:bc
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Plugin Store


After several weeks of hard work, we're happy to offically announce the addition of a Plugin Store into the game. The basic idea is to allow plugin creators to share their works to a broader range of players. This is achieved by offering plugins in a single place and making installing them as easy as one button press.

Your plugins
Upload plugin

What's the advantage for players?

-One single place for plugins right in the game

-One button press to download and install plugins

-Management of installed plugins

-Quality control for plugins

-Automatic updates for plugins

What's the advantage for plugin creators?

-Broader audience

-It's easy, as the upload form is integrated directly into the forum. Also you don't have to create a zip or plugin file out of your plugin yourself.

-Updates are easy to offer

-Authors receive up to 5% of the diamonds that people spent on their plugins

OMG! Will you just upload my plugins there?

No, it's up to you to upload them to the new platform. Uploading a plugin is as simple as filling out the upload form.

In order for us to be able to provide this service and to keep it alive the minimum price for plugins in the Plugin Store is 10 diamonds. At that price point players can alternatively watch an ad to download a plugin.

There's no need for players nor plugin creators to switch to the new platform. You can still use the old way of plugin distribution. To prevent conflicts managed plugins won't yield error messages. Technically they are loaded after regular plugins.

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  • Newest Plugins

[1.0 Release] Redwood Tree


This plugin add a brand new tree variety to your theo town . Coast Redwood Tree and Giant redwood .

Sequoiadendron giganteum also known as giant sequoia, redwood tree or simply sequoia and Sequoia sempervirens also known as Coast redwood are some of the tallest coniferous trees in the world, commonly found in california, thoses trees are among the most amazing trees of earth with the tallest tree in the world being hyperion with it's 115 meters high , hyperion is a Sequoia sempervirens .

Unfortunaly, thoses trees are endangered , download this plugin to show your affection to thoses millenials giants and talk about thoses around you, it's the easiest way to protect wildlife .

check this if you are interested to protect thoses trees :


Sans titre.png

download link :
(92.4 KiB) Downloaded 10 times

short Q&A :

  • why aren't the trees higher and wider ?

current game limitations doesn't allow to make the tree tiles wider than 1x1 meaning there are limits to the size of the redwood tree, a taller tree would be unlogical if the basis wasn't wide .

  • are other redwood trees planned ?

not yet but if i receive positives feedbacks, i might work on new ones

  • are other trees planned ?

i am currently willing to work on some


This plugin may not be reupload under any conditions except with my autorisation .

The Redwood trees texture can be used for personnals textures

You may not upload a building with the redwood tree without my permission

This plugin does not include rails, tents or dirt tracks .

Mine - This is my plugin, don't reuse any contents of it without my explicit permission.

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Varsaw Palace of Culture and Science ( management )


Hello , here is my new plugin : a reproduction of the Varsaw Palace of Culture and Science from Varsaw , Poland .

It has been suggested by MikiRu in the TheoTown Discord .

It is on a 4x4 tile , cost 25 000 Theons and has management and a few park influence .

It use animations for floors , so a little bit space is saved

There will be not a lot of plugins this week

Plug-ins used in the Thumbnail :

- TCDD rails by Türk Plugin

- Dark parks by Kingtut 101

- London Buses Depot by Rjordan

- Commercial pack by A DutchGuy

Thx for any advice / feedback ;)

(14.6 KiB) Downloaded 24 times

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