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Book shop

Hello! this is my 4th plugin :D I made this nice level TTT commercial book shop building in 2 hours. :D Template: 5x5 , Max workers: 58.

Feel free to tell me what to change! :D

Have a good day!

Special credits: @Lobby & @theotheoderich
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Book shop banner.png

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3 World Trade Center (pre-2001)

Hello friends! This is my first public plugin that I hope you all can enjoy. It is modeled after Manhattan's late 3 World Trade Center. Enjoy!

There are some major setbacks with the nature of this plugin, however. They are as follows:

The json dictates that the height and width of the structure are both 2, I suggest that it is kept that way, even if it means that the building can be placed over others. This flaw is not an easy, or even a fixable issue because of the buildings design and the way the json works, the 3 WTC's height and width should be different numbers but the json does not allow for this. Also it would not be fitting if I filled the space in so it could be even because then the whole purpose of this building would be defeated, which is to allow them to fit inbetween mdk_813's marvelous twin towers. So either way its gonna be a bit buggy.

Now that we got that out of the way, I would love to hear from you guys and your thoughts on the plugin, how good does the sprite look, should I do 4,5,6 and 7 WTC, etc... also let me know if you cannot get the plugin to work right for you, but I have images of it doing ok on my device. My plans are to finish the old WTC for TheoTown, and as I look through this forum I can see many want that to happen, so I will try my best :)

After this I plan to do more Lower Manhattan buildings like 32 old slip and 17 state street.

Attatched will be the json coding, building sprite and a n image showing it working in my application. This building has been a rough ride lol, 2nd day up and already had to rework it, once again i hope you guys enjoy! :D :) :bf
The WTC 3 inbetween the Twins, bear in mind that this plugin was made specifcally for the default view and will not look right when altered....
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WorldTrade3.png (3.16 KiB) Viewed 37 times

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