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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android. Try it out, it's free... :mine :space:bc
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Office and Hotel [Commercial]

Here is a brand new plugin that I've made, in fact, I may not update the water plugin and the apocalypse pack (sorry :( ). It is 13 floors high and 2x2. Its level TT.Hope it works and you enjoy it!
(2.35 KiB) Downloaded 23 times

No screenshots for now


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Small Basic Houses Plugin

Hi! After 8 months without posting anything, I decided to make my 2nd plugin. This one is a residential one, consists on 7 1x1 basic houses. I will add more and better houses soon :)

The Houses were inspired on Theo's sample house :)

EDIT: There's a problem on the JSON File. I'm looking at it. I'll see what can i do :/

EDIT 2: Problem Fixed! :bf

Update 0.25!

What's New?

-Added 3 new houses:

-2 Basic houses

-1 Medium House
Small Basic Houses_JS_v0.25.zip
(13.84 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Medium House 1.png
Medium House 1.png (989 Bytes) Viewed 4 times
Small House 8.png
Small House 8.png (713 Bytes) Viewed 4 times
Small House 9.png
Small House 9.png (707 Bytes) Viewed 4 times
Small Basic Houses_JS_v0.10_patch.zip
(9.56 KiB) Downloaded 15 times
Small House 1.png
Small House 1.png (703 Bytes) Viewed 69 times
Small House 2.png
Small House 2.png (701 Bytes) Viewed 69 times
Small House 3.png
Small House 3.png (718 Bytes) Viewed 69 times
Small House 4.png
Small House 4.png (709 Bytes) Viewed 69 times
Small House 5.png
Small House 5.png (709 Bytes) Viewed 69 times
Small house 6.png
Small house 6.png (708 Bytes) Viewed 69 times
Small House 7.png
Small House 7.png (708 Bytes) Viewed 69 times

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