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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android. Try it out, it's free... :mine :space:bc
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General rules

§1 - Illegal things

Threads whose contents are illegal according to German law will be deleted as fast as possible. Pornography, pirate copy or radical political content may not be distributed in any form. It's also not allowed to pass of something from someone else as your own work.

§2 - Insults

We don't bear insulting behavior in our forum. If you post something insulting we may censor or trash your post.

§3 - Spam

Posts with no real content/information might be trashed.

§4 - Layout

Try to give your posts an appropriate layout so it's easy to read.

§4a - Images

Don't post huge images.

§4b - Text

Don't use huge and/or bold text where it's not needed. Also avoid using caps-locking.

§4c - Signature

Keep your signature small so it doesn't have a bad influence on reading threads.

§4d - Quotes

Only quote other posts if your reference wouldn't be clear otherwise. Don't quote images if possible.

§5 - Category

Try to post your threads into the right category, otherwise we might have to move it.

§6 - Title

Your threads should have a descriptive title that tells us what we have you expect when we open your thread. Titles like "Help" or "Look at this" are not good titles.

§7 - Multiple accounts / account sharing

It's forbidden to register multiple accounts in the forum. If we notice such behavior we will warn you. This includes sharing your account credentials with others to allow them to post in your name.

§8 - TheoTown piracy

We won't tolerate it if you
  • Create/use/share a hacked version of the game

  • Create/use/share premium contents of the game (e.g. via plugins)

Users who violate this rule might be banned immediately.

What happens if you disobey these rules?

In general, moderators will try to edit or trash your posts to keep the forum clean. Dependent on the case we might give you a warning. After multiple warnings we have to ban you.

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  • Newest Plugins

Trash Plugin

Trash .json
(394 Bytes) Downloaded 23 times

Absolutely garbage download if you are not serious about the game

how pathetic.

First plugin! :json :calc

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Small Residential Pack

Hi there! I have a pack for you today! 😊

Presenting, a Small Residential Pack!


It has 4 variants with more addons soon! (Maybe give me some inspirations?)


Small Houses Pack.zip
Download Me!
(6.28 KiB) Downloaded 74 times


Lobby - Tree and cars graphics

Theotheoderich - Tree and cars graphics

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