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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android. Try it out, it's free... :mine :space:bc
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  • Global announcements

Rules for using the Plugin Store

In order to upload to the Plugin Store you have to obey the following rules. By not doing so we may delete your plugin or even remove your permission to upload to the store at all. If you are not sure if your plugin/idea of a plugin fulfills the rules please ask us in advance.

  1. Copyright

    No copyright infringement! A copy of a plugin, images or other media is allowed if the original author explicitly permits it to be uploaded to the Plugin Store or if the copy is a replica of the original and recreated from scratch. Plugins cannot contain "memes" or copyrighted trademarks in general (unless you have explicit permission and are able to prove that). If a plugin consists out of memes, it has to be an original creation that is somewhat related to TheoTown. Memes that have copyrighted content like Spongebob or Minecraft in them aren't allowed.

    For more information about copyright see this topic.

  2. Quality

    Plugins should have a creative part in them, for example graphics that aren't part of the game yet. Abstract/empty plugins typically aren't allowed. For example a null/nothingness plugin isn't ok. As a rule of thumb: A plugin shouldn't look as if you could put it together within 5 minutes. Low quality plugins can be posted, but multiple postings of low quality plugins (which looks as if you're uploading them for the sole purpose of earning diamonds) could be punished.

    Some measurements for "bad quality" of a plugin:

    1. The plugin clearly shows little to no creativity, created for quantity instead of quality.

    2. It's graphics doesn't match to Theotown's graphics at all.

    3. It has a solely abstract meaning or is basically a "copy and paste" of a picture, with no effort required other than adding it into the game.

  3. Technical compliance

    Our main goal is to avoid technical issues with plugins. This means:

    1. If you are using new game features please specify the min version value in the upload form accordingly. Unsupported clients won't see/get updates for that plugin then. If there are issues because of that we might have to remove your plugin.

    2. It's up to you to ensure that your plugins won't "collide" with other plugins from the Plugin Store. You can ensure that by using unique ids for your plugin contents. If you want to share objects between multiple plugins (e.g. light animations) you have to include these into all of your plugins. To avoid id conflicts you can use

      CODE: Select all

      then in your shared animation definitions so they will only be loaded once and won't produce an error on redefinition.

    3. Dependence on other plugins isn't allowed. As described in b. include all of your needed resources into your plugin.

    4. Don't waste texture space. The Plugin Store doesn't help with the fact that the available texture space is limited (to either 2048x2048, 4096x4096 or 8192x4096 right now). If you need big images you might consider to split them into smaller parts. If you only use small textures (e.g. 32x16) don't worry too much about texture space.

  4. Content

    Regarding the content itself you have to obey the usual rules (like it must not be illegal). In particular note that
    1. TheoTown is targeted to children and therefore plugins in the Plugin Store must preserve the content rating. This includes that your plugins may not show war scenes or violence.

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  • Newest Plugins

Filipino Building Pack 3

Salamualaykum and Mabuhay!

You may feel shocked about this new plugin I'm gonna release. It may seem different from other plugins I have created. This is a modern building found in my city here in Cagayan de Oro. Well these buildings have been changed a bit on my perspective and such. But I retained mostly the real features the building has.

This consists of 5 buildings found in Upper Balulang ( Uptown ) Cagayan de Oro. I hope you enjoy this plugin and wishing you all the best!

P.S. sorry for the unedited pics.. I have uploaded it on a different phone but rest assure the zip works fine!
3rd Philippine Building Pack.zip
This is the zip file guys!
(31.16 KiB) Downloaded 63 times
This is the overall look of the plugin if mixed with the plugins I have published earlier..
This is the package. Consists of mid-rise buildings and you can place them anywhere you like!

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My first plugin without using json genie! :teach

I wrote everything manually. Its my first plugin without json genie and it already has an upgrade.
Before upgrade

The upgrade itself

After upgrade

Download here!
(2.5 KiB) Downloaded 28 times

Thanks to lobby and theo for the crater

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